POM E2 M50 (10/02/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Idanha
Country: PT
Discipline: MD
Distance: 5.65 km
Time: 49:19
Average HR: 148
Maximum HR: 164
ok running to 12th control then deteriorating.
12 -13 better to go west on open area: 30 sec
13-14: better to go east and stay on open patches:
14: poor exit bad direction leaving control
16: had squeeze dry the head band and forgot to check the code, by the pond I decided to go back and check the code... add bad direction to next control : 2min lost
Still very bad achiles tendons especially uphill
Time: 42:54
O-pace: 9:30 min/km
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POM E2 M50 (10/02/2013) POM E2 M50 (10/02/2013)