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On this site I will publish maps, courses and route choices from orienteering events I have attended.

Chall Paca MTB-O (26.11.2017)
Søndag 26 November 2017
Le portail du Rouet, POLES, FR
Nice area for mtb-o, very rocky and quite technical cycling. preformance wise not too bad, a bit slow on the first 3-4 controls i...
Chall Paca 11 (19.11.2017)
Søndag 19 November 2017
Yet another very poor race, this time the I broke one eyeglasses temple just after the first control (must be 5th pair of Vapro by...
Chall PACA  Chateaurenard (08.10.2017)
Classic provence terrain, green3 === green4 very tired legs after yesterdays ultraMD 6: 50 sec accoring to split times, poor ex...
Ultralong and Ultrafun MD in Chateaurenard- part 2 (07.10.2017)
very hard last loop, technically and physically 3min mistake on 21 which is normally an easy
Ultralong and Ultrafun MD in Chateaurenard- part 1 (07.10.2017)
top 10! 3 different terrain types: the town, the forest and supertechy castle. Bad route choice 11-12: either go left or right, n...
Aubagne sprint 2/2 (24.09.2017)
Better performance, time loss 15-16 (excellent leg 4 choices) not the best route choice and control mistake 20+s
Aubagne Spint 1/2 (24.09.2017)
One but Huge mistake brainfart 4-5: left 4 eastwards instead of west, then 'lost' : 2m35s :-o
Chall 06 Ultimate (17.09.2017)
Søndag 17 September 2017
Greoliere les neiges, VSAO, FR
A good start, 20s on 3rd and 1 min on 5 but then a huge mistalke: difficult to follow but maybe I turned the map 90 degrees. 5min...
Dackefejden Open 9 (12.08.2017)
Lørdag 12 August 2017
Parallell mistake just before 5, 2 min Too much cycling lately, very tired legs another 5+ mins
O-ringen Day 5 M55 (28.07.2017)
for the first time this week, running feels good:) But the orienteering was a real disaster, 2+10+2 mistakes.:(
O-ringen Day 4 M55 (27.07.2017)
First start - safe and slow
O-ringen day 2 M55 (24.07.2017)
2 minutes on 2nd, and 3 min on 4th. I'm struggling to run and read the map, mini sprained ancle several times. Will strap both anc...
O-ringen - Day 1 - M55 (23.07.2017)
Easy jogg after a painful fall just before 1. Fairly easy orienteering with very good visbility, but difficut to run. Livelox...
Sommarkvällars - Day 3- Open 8 (12.07.2017)
Onsdag 12 Juli 2017
Fiskabäck // Brösarp, Andrarum, SE
Pretty sure that I forgot to start punch and shaky start 1: 30 sec and 2 : 1min Then control 3-13 are all good. Poor direction ...
Sommarkvällars Day 2 Open 8 (11.07.2017)
Tirsdag 11 Juli 2017
Fiskabäck, Andrarum, SE
3: sloppy direction last 100m 30s 4: did not look up enough 70 s 5: too far from red line 15 s 8-finish: no more juice... 1 mi...
Sommarkvällars - Day1 - Open8 (10.07.2017)
bad route from 3 (the trail is better) 6: 1½ minute control mistake Livelox...
CO-Tour E4 (20.06.2017)
Tirsdag 20 Juni 2017
Pont de Tamarins, F
Chall Paca Chanteloube Chorges (18.06.2017)
A fair run until 11, then big f¤%&#k-up.
Championat de France LD M55 (27.05.2017)
Happy to finish with Gubbvad (calf muscle problems). Looking at leg 1-2 the head is out of order too.
Interregional MD M55 (26.05.2017)
Fredag 26 Mai 2017
La-Bussière-sur-Ouche / Bouhey (21)
cannot run properly, bad calf gubbvad ?
Chpt PACA des clubs - relay - Frigolet (13)   (21.05.2017)
Mass start, really stupid route choice to one, a shortcut is always bad in this terrain.. the green before the control was very de...
MTB-O Nationale Orange (14.05.2017)
Søndag 14 Mai 2017
Bois de la Montagne, F
Not too many mistakes, but a 5kg lighter and a modern bike is on the wish list. S-1: after comparing splits, I think this is the b...
MTB-O Prologue Nationale (13.05.2017)
very rusty MTB-O skills (and bike) a fairly good start and good legs on the ashpalt road 2-3 but then huge mess on the control. Th...
Chall Paca St.Baume (30.04.2017)
Trying to run a little bit more aggressive but still some homework todo: all went fine the first 25 min, then the problems begins ...
Championat de France des Clubs, Nationale 3, VSAO 3:ieme!! (23.04.2017)
A somewhat unexpected success thus even nicer: a bronze medal and podium for VSAO in National 3! Thanks to a steady and regular ru...
Championat de France Middle M55 (22.04.2017)
Great run until 200m from the finish, leading at control 2 then 2nd pos. control 3-15 . Finally drops to 5th position 3: 15 sec ...
Chpt PACA Long dist H50-55 (09.04.2017)
Søndag 9 April 2017
Les ruines des templiers, Grambois, Pertuis, F
When it's 25 C and sunny with no wind in provence a camelbak is mandatory. Didn't bring it so dehydrated after 45 min. Worse a ver...
Challenge 06 (Alpes Maritimes) (01.04.2017)
Lørdag 1 April 2017
La Baume Obscure, Mougins, F
Even if the map is quite outdated (13 years..) it is still ok. The mapper probably did not visit every corner of the map, green 2 ...
Nationale Sud-Est Longue distance H55 (19.03.2017)
2drerun H55/H21short 2drerun Splits H55/H21short 2drerun H21E Interesting, tricky terrain, great organization, perfect warm spr...
Nationale Sud Est Haut Var Verdon (18.03.2017)
Lørdag 18 Mars 2017
Bauduen - Bounas, Ligue Paca, F
Middle Mass start
Chpt Ligue MD St Vallier (05.03.2017)
Søndag 5 Mars 2017
Le Defends, VSAO, F
small but still mistakes on the controls 2-3-4-5: 1 min then +1 min on 7, sloppy direction 11 should have climbed the dirt road...
POM M55 Day4 LD (28.02.2017)
control 2: huge brainfart (again) then better
POM M55 Day3 MD (27.02.2017)
POM M55 Day2 LD (26.02.2017)
6: 2 min Fences w/ barbed wires & stonewall: 2min :-o
POM M55 Day1 MD (25.02.2017)
not a fantastic start, then better
Challenge PACA #2 (22.01.2017)
Søndag 22 Januar 2017
Pichauris, Marco, F
LD, etappe B
Not a dream terrain if I say so..., but the course setting was ok(ish) with some interesting legs, S-1 and if 13 was removed it co...
Chall. PACA night, mass start (07.01.2017)
Lørdag 7 Januar 2017
Venelles, ACA, F
LD, night|Resultat
2D rerun 1-2: 30s 2-3: 10s + 20s + (bad route choice?) 4: good 5: 2:40, dense vegetation, should have taken safe route via o...